Get Started with AgentLabs

Self Hosting & Cloud Version

Depending on your need, AgentLabs provides a self-hostable and cloud version.

Cloud version

The cloud version is the most convenient way to start using AgentLabs.

You only have to register and follow the wizard to configure your account without worrying about infrastructure management.

Keep in mind that AgentLabs is still in Alpha, so the cloud version is probably convenient especially if you don't want to update it every week. 😄

Self-hosted version

The cloud version of the plugin uses exactly the same version as the self-hosted one.

It means you can choose to self-host AgentLabs on your own infra and keep the exact same feature set.

At this moment, we only support docker-compose to run it at a small scale.

However, we'll support helm-chart for Kubernetes as soon as we roll out the beta version.

Which one should I choose?

At the moment, choosing the Cloud Version is probably the safest solution unless you have some very specific infrastructure or security constraints.

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