Frontend as a service

Here is why AgentLabs is a frontend as a service

Why we're building this

As a developer, every time you start a new project (especially a chat-based UI) you have to handle many boring things frontend-wise:

😑 Authentication

😑 User management

😑 Real-time streaming and Async I/O management

😑 Analytics

😑 Payment

😑 And even more...

All these problems take a long time to solve, especially if you want to create a product that scales.

However, as an AI Agent developer, you must have enough things on your plate already.

AgentLabs aims to provide a built-in solution that covers all the above points without writing any single front-end code.

What is it?

It's simple: we provide everything that is frontend-related and we give you the possibility to control it via our backend SDK.

Everything you can see in the following video is provided by AgentLabs and requires 0 lines of code.

This includes:

The authentication portal

The conversation chat UI

The realtime connection

Even the dark and light theme 😄

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