User Authentication

What you must know about authentication
As we said previously, AgentLabs allows you to manage and authenticate your users.

Authentication methods

AgentLabs lets you configure the authentication methods you want to register and sign in your users.
You can configure basic email methods and different oauth2 providers.
The methods you configure will be available to your users.
You can configure them from your admin console.
Configuring authentication methods
The current auth methods set is limited but we'll rollout more methods as we go

Authentication request

Once you've configured your auth methods, you can request authentication from your users simply using our SDK.
text="Please login to access this feature"
conversationId: "your-conversation",
text: "Please login to access this feature"
The snippet above will trigger the following in-chat authentication component.
Asking for in-chat authentication

Managing your users

Then, you can manage all your application users from your admin console.
User management dashboard